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Support Tamil Solidarity

What we Demand

1. An independent war crimes investigation
For a people’s tribunal consisting of representatives accountable to working class and poor people from all communities, chosen by them and observed by international trade union and human rights organisations. Only such a body could be truly free of the influence of the Sri Lankan government and their international collaborators.

2. Withdraw the troops!
For an immediate end to military operations in Sri Lanka. Withdraw the army from all Tamil areas. Stop the disappearances.

3. No to detention camps!
For the immediate shutdown of militarised detention camps. For the provision of food, shelter and health facilities to Tamil people, administered under the control of their own elected and accountable representatives.

4. Stop Arming Sri Lankan regime!
For an immediate end to military support for Sri Lanka by western imperialism and by India, China, Pakistan, Israel, Iran, Japan and other countries. No to loans from the pro privitisation IMF and the World Bank. Support action such as workers’ boycotts of arms shipments.

5. Democratic rights for all!
For the freedom of speech and the media, freedom of association and the right to free and fair elections, the right of all to vote without interference, freedom to stand in elections for parties which accept equal rights for all, regardless of nationality, religion, caste and sex. Support the work of bodies like the Civil Monitoring Committee investigating kidnappings, disappearances and extra-judicial murders.

6. Support independent trade unions!
For full trade union rights, free from intimidation and state interference. Support campaigns by independent trade unions on workers’ rights, pay and conditions to organise all working-class people, regardless of ethnic, religious or other differences. Unity is strength.

7. Defend the right to self-determination!
Support a mass movement of Tamil workers and poor for the right to determine their own future. Full and equal rights of any minorities to be guaranteed in all areas.

Additional demands put forward by TS in Tamil Nadu /India

1. Support the struggle of all oppressed nationalities
We support the struggle of Kashmir, and other national minorities in the region. For the right to self-determination of all oppressed nationalities. We demand the repeal of the draconian special power act Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) and the withdrawal of armed forces from Kashmir and the North East states. We also demand an immediate halt to Operation Green Hunt through which countless farmers and tribal people have been killed.

2. Better condition for Tamil refugees
Tamil refugees who fled the horrendous war are still forced to live in unbearable conditions. We demand that special measures are taken to improve their living standard and education, and other rights must be made available for them. We also demand a speed up of naturalisation for those refugees who had been suffering in India for many years.

3. Remove private interests and corruption
We demand an immediate end to corruption. This would provide huge amounts of money for the improvement of the lives of millions.
All those business and politicians involved in corruption to be tried by a jury of elected representatives of the workers and poor masses. Money returned should be invested in public services.
All privatisation of public services should be stopped immediately and key industries, such as the telecom industry etc, to be nationalised.

4. End the caste grip
We demand an immediate end to all discrimination based on caste. Immediate investment and improving of towns and villages where working and poor people are pushed to live and segregated based on caste. No to segregation along caste lines. For decent housing and decent jobs for all. End to the state-aggravated caste riots and for a wider education programme to involve the masses to fight back for their rights.

5. End the onslaught against the environment. Land to the landless
For an immediate end to the multinationals such as Vedanta, Posco which are wrecking the live of the most vulnerable people. We demand an immediate halt to the mining and other projects that are poisoning and destroying the land and water and other resources.
Fight for the rights of the landless peasants. End the control of the land in the hands of big business.


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